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The Young South

Justin Murphy

Genre: Contemporary short stories

Price: $2.29

How hard is it to escape hundreds of years of history and tradition? For some Southerners maintaining the old ways is paramount and often the past is in direct confrontation with the here and now. This collection of stories showcases characters who face the changes of the South in various ways, There are thos who adapt, those who don't and those who are caught in the crossfire of The Young South.


I finished typing in my blog on the computer, headed out the door, and walked a few blocks until I came to the railroad tracks. On one side was the downtown areathe last remnant of the old Southern town known as Fairviewcomplete with rundown buildings which house various struggling small businesses. On the other side of the tracks various skyscrapers and towers made part of Fairview a hotspot for corporate America.

I took a shortcut through the downtown district to an old Southern mansion. It belonged to my maternal grandmother, Grandma Cornette. As I walked in, I spotted a Thanksgiving holiday feast in the dining room; turkey and all the trimmings.

"Hi, Ted honey, so glad you could come.''

"Hi, Grandma.''

I spotted my parents, Peter and Teresa Heyman. We hugged and sat down at the table. The table was divided as the Heymans sat on one end and the Cornettes sat on the other. Food was served and everyone seemed happy.

"Hows your blog doin?"


"What the hells a blog?" asked my uncle, Jack Cornette.

"Its a record of thoughts and events on the Internet through your point of view," I responded.

Jack didn't care much for computers. He never had and never will. He was a traditionalist and a true blue Southerner in every sense of the word while my father was more or less a progressive thinker who held a job as a corporate executive in New York before moving here to manage the company's Southern division. Not long after his move, he met and married my mother and raised a family.

He and Jack never could stand each other.

Short Bio:


Justin Murphy (born November 26, 1985 in Dothan, Alabama) began his career as a published author when he signed with a small eBook publisher Epstein Publishing in December 2004. Epstein Publishing soon released his debut novel Dothan that emphasized on how the events of 9/11 affected a small town in Southeast Alabama.

The two main stories involved a personal story between a wrestling promoter and a soap opera writer as well as a political murder mystery During that winter, Dothan became a commercial success with the small eBook audience.

The following spring, he wrote a biography on The McMahon Family that chronicled how the family overcame their struggles and controversies to turn into a New York based operation into a media powerhouse. It was yet another commercial success.

That summer, he released a novel entitled Everyone Loves A Scandal that focused on a preacher who boycotted a pornographer only to discover that that the good reverend was also beating on his wife behind closed doors which led the wife to go to the pornographer for help. Everyone Loves A Scandal did not repeat the success of his first two books, but the young author has begun to get recognition for his work in the emerging eBook medium.

Justin Murphy has signed a three book deal with the new startup Aspen Mountain Press which has re-released Everyone Loves A Scandal, and is expected to re-release Dothan along with a new collection of short stories soon.

He now lives in the Orlando, Florida area.





Here's the excerpt and press release for the re-release of my novel from a new upstart publisher called Aspen Mountain Press:

Excerpt from Everyone Loves A Scandal


Excerpt of Justin Murphy's
Everyone Loves a Scandal

Reverend Peter Jacobs, a middle-aged, well-dressed man in his fifties, stood behind his pulpit at The First Church of Dothan.  His congregation, full of white Christian conservatives looked bloated or had fallen asleep as he listened to the peaceful hymns of the church choir. 

He stood with his right hand on the Holy Bible while his left hand contained copies of the latest issue of the filthy Culture Magazine

He waited for the choir to finish their hymn, and then began his sermon.  My children, whats in my left-hand today are copies of the latest issue of Culture Magazine

Its a dirty magazine published by a newcomer to our community named Charlie Sanders.

The congregation was wide-eyed, apparently appalled at what they saw before them.  The beacon of sin known as Culture Magazine, would strike fear into every parent, teacher, and authority figure in the small town of Dothan, Alabama.  It was as obscene and as profane as any comedy sketch by George Carlin or Richard Pryor. 

What kind of culture is this smut peddler teaching our young people?  He flipped through the magazine, through various nude pinups of women before pulling out a full frontal nude poster.  He held up the page for the congregation to see. 

The congregation gasped at what they saw displayed, a depiction of a womans bare breasts. 

Reverend Jacobs knew this kind of filth didnt need to be seen by impressionable young adults in a small town within the Bible belt.  They should be as disgusted by these displays of pornography as he was.  Some probably thought how could their dear Reverend even have the nerve to distribute this filthy magazine at todays service. 

 One woman looked like she was about to puke in her purse.  The congregation quieted as the sound of her vomit erupted.  Jacobs watched a member help her exit the pew and lead her toward the water fountain. 

The vomit disgusted Jacobs, but he continued with his sermon.  Nothing would stop him from exposing this spawn of Satan in their midst.  Aside from the nude layouts, there are feature articles on abortion, gay marriage, and lesbian homosexuality. 

An unwed pregnant woman cheeks flushed a bright red just before she tipped her head down.  Two women who sat together every Sunday on the same pew sunk lower in their seats to avoid being spotted, but Jacobs caught them none-the-less.  More sinners to extract confessions from, the filthy dykes.  They deserved Gods wrath and by the Lords strong hand hed give it to them until they turned from their wicked ways. 

And most horrendous of all, theres a caricature of Michael Jackson dressed as a minister molesting a young boy, uttered Jacobs righteously. 

Some people in the front pews burst out laughing.  They stopped when Jacobs gave them an angry look. 

At the Reverends signal a clergyman passed out copies of Culture Magazine.  Based on the gasps he heard, the congregation was disgusted at what they saw.  Their reactions were oddly mixed.  A rich old lady in the second pew looked appalled at a photo of a young girl in her twenties who flashed her breasts in a pinup.  Her wealthy husband had his copy of the magazine on the same page.  He wore a big smile on his face as if hed gotten an erection from looking at the nude photos. 

Further back, a poor widowed mine worker passed copies of the magazines out to his young sons, who gawked and laughed at the photos. 

A middle class housewife took the magazines away from her children while her husband ogled the photos.  The housewife slapped her husband in the back of the head.  Another household that needed a firm hand in following the Lords will.  The husband had to clean his mind of smut and the wife needed a lesson in showing the head of the household proper respect. 

This magazine is an abomination to our society and is ruining the wholesome image of our little community here in Alabama.  We need to stand up to this kind of filth and we need to stand up to it now!

The congregation cheered Jacobs.  He was ready to lead his Christian soldiers in the communitys fight to preserve the areas moral decency.  Jacobs wouldnt take this laying down. 


Everyone Loves A Scandal
Author: Justin Murphy
Artist: Nikita Gordyn
Publisher:Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date:August 2006
Sexual Content:None

Price: $2.29
Product Options:

Product Code: 978-1-60168-006-8



In the small, town of Dothan, Alabama theres a clear definition between right and wrong. But reality has a funny way of twisting perceptions.

The battle between good and evil has never been cut and dry or as black and white as the populous of Dothan likes to believe. When the seller of adult materials comes to town to set up shop the line between right and wrong is drawn. Everyone is dragged into the fray; photographers, reporters, church members, attorneys, pastors. Whats the truth and whats a lie? Whose values are right?

Reverend Peter Jacobs knows.

So does Charlie Sanders.

The truth is about to be unveiled.

Only a jury of twelve of Dothans citizens will decide and they know Everyone Loves a Scandal.




Justin Murphy
Historical romance
Available from Epstein Publishing
ISBN: 80339-041210-125333-15
December 2004

Aggie Thurston has returned to Dothan since the soap opera she was writing for has shut down production in the New York area. Since the events of 9/11 she considers retiring and settling down. She walks into the local coffee shop in Dothan and notices an old friend from her past. A very handsome man that was much more than a friend.

Leo Wexler is surprised when he sees his old girlfriend enter the coffee chop. He goes to her and they immediately kiss as if they are teenagers. Aggie Thurston is the famous soap opera writer, whereas he is a former wrestling promoter chased out of business by a huge national promoter. Neither knows what the future holds for them in Dothan but for now they only wish to spend time reminiscing.

DOTHAN is a story that begins with two people meeting years later but now events have happened where everyone’s life suddenly changes, not just Aggie’s and Leo’s. It questions what the future holds since their life has been disarrayed. The story surrounds a town traumatized by the events of September 11, 2001. It was a time of sorrow, of chaos, and a feeling of uneasiness for many. Leo and Aggie are only two characters in the town that must find away to solve their problems. Do we still live in a free country or are there others still lurking to take our freedom from us? It was as if we had no life anymore, as if we were at the mercy of others.

Mr. Murphy gives us a glimpse into other people’s lives and what they endured at this time. He enlightens us with a town and their grave expressions and how it affected many in the area. By giving us the role of Aggie and Leo, the author allows them to be people all over who must now be faced with challenges. People lost who can sometimes be people found and united once again. He takes us into the world of the media and how one single devastation caused chaos among so many by sometimes allowing others to use a bad situation to their advantage. The author clearly shows how people are human in any given situation and how sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures to stay alive.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Linda of The Romance Studio
November 16, 2005

begins on September 11, 2001, the day lives of every American started normally, but turned out totally wrong. Justin Murphy begins Dothan, set in the Alabama city of the same name, against such a backdrop.

In this novella, Murphy intertwines an interesting cast of characters and somewhat of a political mystery together to show both the human and societal implications of September 11. While the characters are unique, many of them could probably be found in just about every small-to-medium town. Perhaps it’s this characteristic of Dothan that held my interest from the beginning to the end.

The plot is unique, and certainly captured my interest immediately. Parts of the novella could be expanded upon to gain clarity; at times, I felt as if I were reading between the lines. A few grammatical errors were distracting and should be corrected.

A political campaign was an integral part of Dothan; some very interesting ideas put forth as part of this. Folks interested in politics could certainly have a very interesting discussion regarding the notions Murphy puts forth. As someone who follows politics, these ideas challenged my thinking.

Justin Murphy describes in detail a wonderful community center; it is the most comprehensive center I’ve ever heard of, and would certainly be an asset to every neighborhood. Certainly, America would be in a different place if everyone had access to the utopian community center Murphy describes. It’s an idea that every municipality should aim for, but few will have the means to attain. I’m very active in my community and constantly strive to make it better. This model comprehensive community center will be in my mind for quite a while.

Justin Murphy is a native of Dothan, Alabama. Currently, he resides near Orlando, Florida.

Dothan could be strengthened and have more interest cultivated with the correction of grammatical errors and expansion of certain paragraphs to give the reader clarity.

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Rebecca Henderson, Allbooks Reviews